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SwimSafer - Silver 

Entries & Exits

Demonstrate a dive entry (crouching)


Sculling & Body Orientation

Keep face above the water for 60 seconds sculling with hands only


Underwater Skills

In 1.5 metres of water depth swim through hoops on pool bottom 3 metres apart.



Swim 200 metres continuously
50 metres Front Crawl
50 metres Breaststroke
50 metres Backstroke
50 metres Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke Efficient stroke techniques must be used


Survival & Activity skills

Dressed in swimwear, long pants and long sleeved shirt, perform the following as a continuous sequence:Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method,
Submerge feet first,
Swim underwater for 3 metres,
Resurface scull, float or tread water for 3 minutes waving for help intermittently. Clothing may be removed.
Correctly fit a PFD while treading water and then swim 25 metres and climb out of the water


Rescue Skills

Using a buoyant aid, accompanied (non- contact) rescue of a person 15 metres from safety



Recognising an Emergency

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